Thursday, 3 November 2016

DAY 1: Why you should say yes more

This morning I was invited to go up the hill here in a tiny island in Malaysia. In my mind, I had so many reasons as to why not to go; it is too early, I don't feel so good, my tummy feels a bit funny and (TMI) oh my what if I have to go to nr. 2 while I am up there in the middle of the jungle??
I am sure you know that feeling, it is simply easier to say no sometimes.
However, because I have been coming across a  lot of authors that have been telling me countless reasons as to why I should say yes more in my everyday life, I decided to start living this way as well. Sometimes I fail and I still say no, however, I say yes way more often now. Luckily, I said a big YES this morning too, even though every inch of my body was telling me NO, because, to be honest, I was lazy and I was scared something would go wrong.
I ended up having an absolutely amazing morning, the experience was incredible with a beautiful view, fresh air, beautiful statues, temples, jungle everywhere around me, various attractions and bright colors. I ended up spending 3 hours up there and I am so glad I did. I feel energized and much, much happier than I would, if I just stayed in the house.
So there it is. It is the small steps that truly count. Say YES to more things and your life will be richer every day :)

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