Monday, 7 November 2016

DAY 4: Volunteering Saves Hearts

After seeing badly injured doggy without the paw a few days ago, all the phone calls that we made finally led us to the local doggy shelter that I didn't even know existed! Yesterday was an open day for the visitors and we wanted to get the information as to how to help the doggy. We were greeted by some wonderful news. Apparently she has been caught and is being treated at the vet's at this very moment. The owner of the shelter knew about the story and told us the doggy was now in her hands and we felt incredibly relieved.  We still want to be 100% sure that we were talking about the same doggy (we didn't see any photos of her, the description was very very similar though - same park, same injury etc.).
And then we were up for a treat. Remember the days when you were a kid and the zoos seemed like a magical and wonderful place? Yeah, it felt like that, but 1000 times better. Except the dogs in the shelter were not kept there for a profit and were not taken from their natural habitat for them to be stared at by us. Instead they were being rescued by the amazing people who actually cared about the well-being of the animals. Yes, there were hundreds of dogs who needed shelter and many of them were incredibly ill with horrible wounds and diseases, but they were given a chance and lots and lots of love by volunteers and the owner of the shelter.
We took some of the doggies for a walk and some of them were excited, happy, jumping up and down, others were big and pulling my boyfriend everywhere (my boyfriend laughed while walking one of them saying I don't walk this dog, this dog walks me!), from the tiny and shy ones who just needed a bit of attention. We were sweaty, covered in dust and the smell of the wet dogs (they were being showered as well), went without water for hours under the hot sun. It was also not easy to see hundreds of beautiful paws looking for a forever home. But guess what? I left that place with the biggest smile on my face and I had the absolutely best day! I have been to some luxurious places, being spoiled by this and that, got some nice stuff too, but nothing made me as happy as spending time and helping these beautiful paws for half a day. Volunteers are not paid because they are priceless, but the amount of love you receive in return is overwhelming and unconditional as well.
The next time you would like to take a child to the zoo and show them everything that is wrong with keeping the (wild) animals in captivity, please take them to a local shelter instead and teach them about the importance of the adoption. Millions of healthy and wonderful dogs and cats are being euthanized in the USA alone every year, because people prefer to support breeders who are making money while selling someone's life. Let's stop this together NOW!
Please adopt! If you can't adopt - foster, 
if you can't foster - volunteer,
if you can't volunteer - donate, 
if you can't donate - spread the word. 
These animals need us and oh my do we need them in this crazy world! <3

Saturday, 5 November 2016

DAY 3: Little things don't matter

Yesterday I went for a luxurious facial treatment. I was being spoiled for a good hour and a half and it felt like heaven. My skin was glowing afterwards and I received quite a lot of compliments about my skin. However, I have noticed that my wrinkles around the eyes were slightly more obvious (or maybe it was just in my head, who knows), which led to me being grumpy. When I woke up this morning I was even grumpier.  You know, sometimes you are just so grumpy for the stupidest reason and you annoy yourself and no matter how hard you try implement the self-development knowledge you gathered throuh the years, your inner judge and victim simply get the best out of you. I tried to calm myself with my favourite soy matcha latte and they managed to put extra sugar into it making it over the top sweet. Of course my inner victim jumped through the roof and I threw a bit of a tantrum, which I am quite embarassed to admit.
A few moments later, my partner decided to take my mind off this silly thinking and he took me to the local park here in Malaysia. I started feeling better and better, chasing my inner judge and victim away, and we started enjoying our time together. And then I saw her.
A beautiful stray doggy (they are quite common here in Malaysia and normally looked after by the locals) limping not too far away from us. Her front leg was cut off. Freaking cut off, no paw... When I realised what I have just seen, I started crying, because of the pain the poor doggy must of been in and because of disgust, because of my incredibly shallow behavior moments earlier. In that moment nothing else mattered, but just how to save and help the doggy. I freaked out and was covered in tears in a second, but thankfully my boyfriend was a super champ and he was able to get a closer look (he couldn't go too close, because the doggy had some super loyal doggy friends who stood in front of her when my boyfriend approached her). We are currently calling different places trying to find out how to help her. It turned out a lot of people have seen her and tried to help her in the past few days, but no one has been able to catch her and take her to the vet so far. We will do our absolute best to help.
And yes, little things really don't matter. What matters is kindness, love and respect for all beings. Less wrinkles never saved the world, but a simple act of kindness and action could save and mean the world to a little furry being like the doggy from the park. Please think of her in these days when we try to help!

Friday, 4 November 2016

DAY 2: Don't listen to people who tell you that you are smart

That's one of the mistakes I made when I was in school. People would always say to me; you don't need to study, you are smart or even when I was accepted to one of the top high schools in my regions they would say: don't worry, you won't have to study that hard, you are very clever for your age etc.
Guess what? I believed them! And I have slowly learned not to put much effort into anything, because I was smart anyway and that was all that mattered, right? The behavior that I have learned was: if I can solve this problem is because I am smart enough. However, if I can't, than that means that I am simply not smart enough to solve the problem so no point to put any effort into it, right? Oh so wrong. 
I brought this way of thinking into my "grown up" life and I have been struggling with productivity and putting effort into various projects, because all my life I was able to count on my school-trained-brains and I never really had to put any real effort into anything. 
I am currently in the process of changing this behavior, but oh my does it suck sometimes! I am determined to change this, however and I really hope it goes as planned. 
Did you have a similar experience growing up?

Thursday, 3 November 2016

DAY 1: Why you should say yes more

This morning I was invited to go up the hill here in a tiny island in Malaysia. In my mind, I had so many reasons as to why not to go; it is too early, I don't feel so good, my tummy feels a bit funny and (TMI) oh my what if I have to go to nr. 2 while I am up there in the middle of the jungle??
I am sure you know that feeling, it is simply easier to say no sometimes.
However, because I have been coming across a  lot of authors that have been telling me countless reasons as to why I should say yes more in my everyday life, I decided to start living this way as well. Sometimes I fail and I still say no, however, I say yes way more often now. Luckily, I said a big YES this morning too, even though every inch of my body was telling me NO, because, to be honest, I was lazy and I was scared something would go wrong.
I ended up having an absolutely amazing morning, the experience was incredible with a beautiful view, fresh air, beautiful statues, temples, jungle everywhere around me, various attractions and bright colors. I ended up spending 3 hours up there and I am so glad I did. I feel energized and much, much happier than I would, if I just stayed in the house.
So there it is. It is the small steps that truly count. Say YES to more things and your life will be richer every day :)