Thursday, 7 January 2016

Adopt Don't Shop

I made this video for my little furry friend who would end up who knows where, if my sister didn't find her on the way to work one morning. We took her to the vet and realised she didn't have a microchip. That's how she became a part of our family and that was the best decision ever! :)

(Psst. Click on the photo above to watch the video)

For a while we were really upset, because it was obvious somebody abused her before she found us. Whenever she would see a grown up man she would pee herself and hide. It took her a few weeks or maybe a month to overcome that, but she is all good and super cuddly now :) 

Knowing that there are hundreds of thousands of dogs (and other animals) out there who only want someone to love, breaks my heart. Please, if you want to get a dog (or any other pet) don't support absolutely horrible and disgusting puppy mills, but rather go to a shelter and save a life. Make sure you also report any animal abuse! 

You can read more about her story in the post I wrote about her a year ago.

We are not sure when exactly she was born, but the vet told us it was probably around January 6 years ago. So happy birthday Ajka 


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