Friday, 13 November 2015

Where Does Leather Come From (powerful & non-graphic message)

This is such a good and an eye-opening video! I absolutely LOVE it when PETA UK spreads an important message without graphic content. I know, many people still need to see the reality, but personally I cannot handle seeing all those heartbreaking footages and images. I simply loose it and tears follow :/ This puts me in a state of “I just don't wanna deal with anything today, because everything is horrible.” This attitude does no good to anyone, specially not to the animals whose suffering I have just witnessed. That being said, I love the powerful messages presented in an informative yet not highly disturbing way. For this video titled Labels, Peta UK did just that.
Please watch the video bellow and share it with many, many people. We have things to change around here :)

p.s. appropriate for kids as well! :)

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