Monday, 27 July 2015

The Benefits Of Being Vegan: 2 Years Update

Who'd think there are actually benefits that come along with this crazy lifestyle that is called veganism?! Well, let me tell you, there are plenty of them, however, today I will be focusing more on the vain side of the benefits that I have noticed with myself since going vegan 2 years ago (I have been vegetarian for over 10 years before that).

1. Better skin
Thankfully, I have never had real problems with my skin, not even during my teen years. There were (and still are) some funny spots that appear here and there, but that's about it. The one thing I found slightly annoying was how dry my skin was and, looking at it now, I find it more even, fresh and less dry. This might also have to do with the fact that I have been using more natural and cruelty-free beauty products for a while now.

However, after talking to many other people, who did have skin problems in the past (such as acne etc.), many of them said that after going vegan, they have seen a huge improvement. This information makes sense; putting all those nasties into your body such as dairy (which is meant for a calf to grow into a huge animal, not to mention we are the only species in the world who eats and drink dairy products 1. In our adolescence 2. From ANOTHER species), animal fatness...

2. Stronger and shinier hair
This was a big difference for me! I used to have very dry and brittle hair, probably also thanks to colouring and bleaching the life out of it. Thankfully, after going vegan, things have changed. My hair is now much shinier, longer and it has a nice volume. Besides going vegan, I have also changed my Hair Care Routine, which has slightly changed since writing the post in February, however, I am still satisfied with the same shampoo and conditioner brand, as well as my coconut mask.

3. Stronger nails
Before I went vegan, my nails were very brittle and they would break almost every day. I never managed to grow them properly and they would break before I'd be able to cut them short. However, for a bit less than 2 years now, my nails have been crazy long and strong and I even get compliments on them, which I never did before. 

4. Easier to get fit
Thanks to eating much healthier by excluding dairy and meat, it is much easier to stay in shape. Of course, I could eat a lot of vegan junk food, however, most of the time (70 % of the time) I choose not too. Whenever I do feel like eating junk food, I simply listen to my body and go for it. I don't restrict any calories and I eat whenever I am hungry. With the similar lifestyle that I had while being vegetarian, I have gained over 5 kilograms or more every so often, which was probably due to too much dairy products. 

Again, these are some of the benefits that I have noticed personally since going vegan. Some people might have experienced different benefits. I would love to hear it from you; what difference did you notice since going vegan or maybe decreasing meat and dairy intake? 

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