Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Becoming A Vegan: 5 Tips

My friend texted me the other day: "Girl, I am so happy you are not one of the annoying vegans. *** has been texting all over Facebook how mean everyone is for not going vegan and it is so annoying."
To be honest, I understand both sides. No one wants to listen to preachy people, but at the same time it is hard to stay quiet once you face the reality of the meat and dairy industry. So here are some of my thoughts, tips and things that I have learned since going vegan over two years ago.

* Some people may not understand you and your decision to go vegan and that is OK.
You are on a different page than they are, you probably know much more about the issue than they do, because, let's face it, facing the truth is hard and it is much easier to cover the eyes. That being said, do not let their hurtful words bring you down. Remember, you are doing it for the animals and for the environment, it is worth it :)
Make sure you do talk to people who are genuinely interested in veganism and would like to learn more. THEY are the ones you should put your energy into. Forget about the ones who only have the ability to bring you down. Who cares about them :)

* Fight for your values by getting educated.
Watch documentaries, read books, talk to your friends about it. Whatever it is; get educated! People will come to you with questions like: “Where do you get your proteins from? If we stop eating animals they will over populate the world. You need milk for strong bones.” 95 % percent of people who say this actually do care about the animals, but were just raised thinking it is normal to eat animals, because, well, culture. If you give them genuine and strong information (not just: animals are cute, stop eating them!), you will make them think about this issue and who knows they might even go vegan. Remember, every step counts so even if they decide to go vegetarian or just increase their meat-free days you (and them) should be proud of yourself/themselves. Go cruelty-free! 

* Do not get over emotional, calmly explain your believes and views.
People actually care about the animals and they will listen, but do not attack them and be aggressive because they eat meat and don't force your beliefs on them. Yes, it sucks like hell when you see a heartbreaking video where a baby calf is tortured and brutally killed and the person next to you is going on and on saying: I love animals, but they taste so good! I know how bad you want to start screaming, but be smart - no one likes aggressive people and you definitely don't want to be THAT annoying vegan. If the person is willing to have an intelligent conversation - great! If not, leave it. You won't help anyone by getting too emotional (trust me; been there, done that - not worth it :)), specially not the animals and the important message behind veganism. 

* Go out, help animals, eat healthy.
Don't just preach, show what your values are with your actions. Go out, be with animals, save them when possible, eat healthy, be positive (this can sometimes be hard, but hang on in there!), be a good example. For you, for the animals. Billions and billions of animals are killed by people every year. THE LEAST we can do is stand strong for them.

* Surround yourself with like minded people.
Some people are lucky and they have a big community supporting them, others are less fortunate and they live in the area where a vegan is equal to an alien. No matter where you live, the online community is growing and I advise you, you join different social media. My favourite ones are Youtube and Instagram. So many awesome photos and amazing videos! You will soon realise you are far from being alone :)

Do you have any tips about veganism? I would love to hear them from you :)



  1. I went vegan just over a year ago and it was the best decision I have EVER made. That being said, it was not the easiest. Some of my friends didn't get it. Some of my family members didn't accept it. Every time I tried to stay level-headed and calm when discussing it with them, things always augmented to the point where I felt small and they just grilled me for it. But I watched every documentary I could, stuck to my values, and opened up on my blog and the community I found was incredible. There are some truly fantastic people out there and I'm so thankful we can meet them in this space :) Being vegan is fantastic!
    ~ Samantha

  2. Oh wow it must be quite challenging but I really respect your choice for going vegan


  3. This is great advice. It can be so frustrating and lonely sometimes when no one seems to understand your choices, but actions definitely speak louder than words, so I think the best way to make a positive impact is just to continue to go out in the world and be a good influence :)

  4. You story sounds a lot like mine! :) But it is all good and loving it now :D x

  5. It was at first, but more because of the people being judgemental, but now it is amazing :) A lot of them are interested in this lifestyle! I am loving it :)

  6. This!! Well said, I couldn't agree with you more :)


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