Monday, 25 May 2015

Smoothing Coconut Body Wash By Jason

Recently I decided to try out the new smoothing body wash by Jason, which promises to be ultra moisturising for dry skin. One of its main ingredients is unrefined virgin coconut oil. This makes the review perfect for all you coconut lovers out there who are, like me, passionate about taking hot and pleasant showers.

When I first came across the smoothing coconut body wash, I was surprised by its size; this thing is huge! The packaging is much bigger than the average packaging of natural body wash. However, I do like how practical it is, as it includes a pump, which makes the body wash application very easy.

The smell is AMAZING and it gives a natural vibe (if that makes sense) and it doesn't smell synthetic like many body washes do. The best way to describe the scent would be sweet coconut. The company chose the perfect name for the product; smoothing coconut body wash makes my skin smooth and soft whenever I use it under the shower. If you read my post 6 Vegan products for THAT time of the month, you might remember that I mentioned me hearing my friend screaming out of the bathroom the other day: “This is good stuff!” You see! She agrees too ;)

I quite like the ingredients, however, they are not 100% “pure”, but they do a good job and are animal friendly (the body wash holds a leaping bunny certificate) and vegan. This is also what I personally find most important; as long as the product does its job without harming animals I am cool with it as a cucumber.

The Price
Jason Smoothing Coconut Bodywash costs GBP9.99 on the official Jason website, but as I already mentioned before, you get a lot for this price (887ml) and it will last you a long time. That being said, I'd definitely recommend it as you don't often come across good and affordable body wash.

Would I recommend
Definitely! However, if you are looking for very pure and natural ingredients, you might want to check out other products as well (which may or may not be that affordable).

What are your favourite body washes? Any recommendations?



  1. Hush Hush25 May, 2015

    This sounds good. I'm just wondering is the scent too sweet?

    Ana -

  2. I know that Jason isn't the most natural choice out there but their scent selection is ahhmazing!

  3. Yes! Their products smell amazing!

  4. (I just went to the bathroom to smell it before I reply xD) I don't think it is too sweet. I could describe it as nicely sweet:) If you are not sure, maybe you can smell it in one of the shops and decide whether you like it or not.

  5. sounds lovely! love coconut smell so I am sure I would enjoy this ! ;)

    x Josune, Your Beauty Script ❤

  6. If you love coconut than I am sure you will love this one too ;)


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