Monday, 16 March 2015

Favourite Vegan Energy Boosters

Every once in a while we all need our energy boosters to keep us going throughout the day. After several I am not leaving my bed today mornings in high school, I decided to face my morning laziness and started looking for some simple and somewhat natural energy boosters. Some of them are too simple, to be honest, however, they work and they kick me in the ass to let me know it is time to MOVE.

1. Smoothies
Honestly, I am quite bad at making juices and smoothies myself, however, I love buying them, specially the Innocent ones. They taste amazing, help me whenever I have sugar cravings, they are healthy and fill me up with energy (it is currently late in the evening and I am sipping a blackberries, pomegranates and acai smoothie - good stuff!). 
One of my favourite things is to add Original Green Superfood by Amazing Grass, which I disliked at first when mixing it with water. But the mixture tastes amazing when added to smoothies; it makes them chocolaty and a bit creamy. The ingredients are amazing and super healthy and the energy boost is only a big plus. Definitely recommend this one, but remember - mixing and drinking it with water is a NO-NO! :)

2. Natural Energy Bars
Whenever I am on the go, I like to snack on various healthy snack bars. Some of my favourite ones are from Traidscraft and Luxurye (I am still waiting for this one to come to the UK though! Hurry up, Luxurye! :)). I love their simple and healthy ingredients and the fact that I can enjoy their taste without feeling guilty. They are amazing energy boosters as well. Time to go for a run now!
Traidscraft - my favourite one is Cocoa & Betroot, but I enjoy Cocoa Crunch as well

Luxurye - I am in love with these bars, amazing chocolaty taste and the ingredients are just perfect. I basically enjoy the taste of chocolate while living a somewhat healthy lifestyle. Like, how is this even possible? Sadly, they are currently not available in the UK, however, I hope I will soon be able to get my hands on them here as well. 

Luxurye - I love ALL of them, but my taste buds go absolutely crazy when I eat the cinnamon one!

3. Guarana
I have mentioned this magic powder before in 3 Natural Things That Help Me Stay Concentrated and I am showing it love today as well. As someone, who doesn't drink coffee, this little miracle saves my days and wakes me up after “enjoying” a good night of insomnia, which happens at least once in a month to me. After mixing it with water (it doesn't taste too nice, to be honest :P), I feel like I want to conquer the world. Normally, I will go and clean up the whole place, do some exercising and then work. Magic stuff, I am telling you!

4. Running

Didn't you know? Running is vegan and cruelty-free;) If you are like me and you need a bit of a kick in the ass, then these shoes might get you off your sofa and running in the park. Look how pretty they are! And yes, they are NOT made of leather, which makes them vegan & cruelty-free. Pretty + compassionate = win, win situation.

What are you favourite energy boosters? 

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  1. i love your blog.i'm going to follow you right away!.... i'm not vegan or vegetarian(and I don't intent to be because I'm weak) but i found really interesting this post I think it is great many companies are starting to produce alternative food for those who pursue a cruelty free lifestyle

  2. Thanks so much! And don't say you are weak, you never know what might happen ;) But no matter what, smaller changes count as well! x

  3. jadiee bevan16 March, 2015

    Great post !!!!

    your blog is amazing !!

    would love to know your thoughts on my new post Jadiee'sLittleBlog



    Have a nice day


  4. What a lovely and inspiring post! It reminds me that I must go running soon-- it really clears my mind and makes the rest of my day more productive and happy.
    Marianne :)

  5. Thanks for sharing, this is super interesting

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  6. Thank you Candice! And you are welcome ;)

  7. I know, right? Running is great! I just dislike the beginning, but after a few minutes, it already feels amazing :)

  8. Thank you so much Jade! :)

  9. That's true, i'm trying to live a healthier lifestyle

  10. holly.sibley17 March, 2015

    I love naked bars, they are sugar, dairy and gluten free. Not too sure if they are energy bars but they are so delicious, especially the cashew one!

  11. I love nakd bars as well, except I ate too many of them in the past and am now looking for other possibilities as well xD


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