Monday, 23 March 2015

5 Affordable Cruelty-free Drugstore Products *UK version

I went on a little shopping spree the other day, decided to dig out some lovely cruelty-free and vegan beauty products in my local drugstores. It didn't surprised me at all when I realised the majority of my purchase came from Superdrug - a high street place to go, if you are looking for a cruelty-free products. You can easily find some animal-friendly brands there, you just need to make sure you ignore the bad ones, which still test on animals and are sadly also available in the store. BUT we know it better and we will rather go for the kind stuff, won't we ladies (and gentlemen)?! ;)

I am really happy to say that Amy wrote a similar post about cruelty-free beauty products available in Australia. Make sure you check it out by clicking here: **Amy's post about cruelty-free brands available in Australia 

The high street shops I'd advise you to check out, if you are visiting London:
1. Superdrug Their own brand is cruelty-free & vegan and they sell quite a lot of products with the leaping bunny certificate as well.
2. Holland & Barret They don't offer much makeup, however, they do offer other beauty products such as face creams etc., which are often vegan as well.
3. Boots Quite hard to find cruelty-free products in this store chain, but you might come across brands such as BarryM or EcoTools brushes, which are available in most of their shops.

This is the point where it is time for me to stop chattin' and get down to business. Let me present you the products that caught my eye:

What it does: I like to use this hairspray whenever I put my hair in a pony tale and it decides to go elsewhere, trying to touch the sun. When this happens, I am prepared and I quickly use the hairspray to put my hair back to its place. I have noticed the spray is not too strong though (you can get stronger ones from this collection), but I quite like that, as it doesn't leave a weird, shinny affect on my hair. I only use it for my ponytail hair though. 
Price: GBP0.89

What it does: It is a lovely moisturiser for my hands, which is highly appreciated during these cooler London days. It is quite greasy when applied at first, but it soon soaks into your skin. I am wearing it right now and I love its feeling, but do not use too much of it!
Price: GBP1.49

What it does: This cute packaging includes a highlighter, two brow colours and brow setting gel with mirror and dual applicator (which, i wasn't surprised at all, isn't very useful :P). I quite like the quality of the brow colours and I am confident to day that this will be my next eyebrow kit (I am currently finishing Dr. Hauschka, which is cruelty-free, but sadly not vegan)
Price: GBP9.99

What it does: Yes, I am guilty as charged! I talked about this one before in my Affordable and Vegan Dry Shampoos by Batiste, but I cannot help it, I like this little bastard. It saved my life several times when I was in a hurry and I believe it is time to buy the bigger version as well and keep this one for being late on the go. 
Price: GBP1.50

What it does: Barry M is a pretty cool brand, if you are looking for high street cruelty-free beauty products. They also offer various vegan products and this time I went for the nail paint in shade cappuccino. I was wearing it in my Healthy Easter Bunny Pancakes Video and I love the colour! The nail polish was very easy to apply and I believe you get a pretty good product for a cheap price. This brand is very affordable and I'd definitely recommend it, if you are a cruelty-free chick on a budget.
Price: GBP2.99

What are your favourite cruelty-free drugstore products? ♥ 



  1. Love the barry m polishes =] they are my favourite

  2. I love them too! They have so many options, it is hard to choose my fav :)

  3. Great picks and products!




  4. Clara Liddle25 March, 2015

    "I like this little bastard" haha you're brilliant, i also love batiste!

  5. Haha, thanks Clara! x

  6. I love Barry M! I'v been meaning to try B. for ages, I need to get round to it! :)

  7. I recommend. Good stuff! ;) But not all of the products are vegan ;)


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