Friday, 13 February 2015

WHY You Should Be Careful When Buying Lipstick

You and I, we get this. We know and understand the importance of lipstick and the feeling of pure satisfaction when your eyes see the one. THE perfect shade that is about to become the latest addition to your collection. 50 shades of red is not enough for a true lipstick lover (ok, I do not go that far when it comes to lipstick, but I thought the sentence was very original, I had to write it no matter how dorky you might find it), however, I must admit, I am not that big a fan of lipsticks after learning about some pretty WTF information about them, which I want to share with you.

BUT you know there is always a good side in my blog posts, which, again, I cannot wait to share with you (and which also made me fall back in love with the world of lipsticks - I am slowly getting there ladies and gentlemen). 

You probably heard this before: regular lipstick users eating several pounds (a few KGs) of lipstick in their lifetime. I never thought about that! However, after doing a bit of research, I became very sceptical about these numbers, as they seemed too high. I do believe that the real numbers are much lower, but it still got me thinking: I should be more cautious about what lipstick I let shine off my lips (mom, look at me, I am a poet!).

So here are a few things that I check before purchasing lipstick:

1. ANIMAL TESTING (I look for cruelty-free certificates)
Yes, I am a professional animal lover 24/7, hence it is very important the products I buy don't support ANY animal testing. The certificates that I find most helpful and I trust the most are Leaping bunny, Vegetarian Society Approved, Vegan Trademark. You can click **HERE** to get familiar with them. 
The next time you are not too sure wether you are accidentally supporting animal testing BUM! You will already know better ;)
*Keep in mind not all companies add certificates to their products, but you can always check out their animal testing policy on the company's official website. 
Please, do not fall for these FAQ lines: We do not test on animals by no means, unless required by law... If they say that, they test on animals.
HERE is a very short list of just a few of the companies that sadly test on animals.

Some of the ingredients the high street (and luxurious!) beauty brands put in their products are a big NO, NO for me, and, honestly, I am sure they will be for you, too. Below are mentioned some of the biggest NO, NOs and I full heartedly suggest you step away, if your lipstick has the following ingredients:
Red pigment from the crushed female cochineal insect.
WHAIT, WHAT?! Yes...
Wax originally found in spermaceti from sperm whales or dolphins, but now most often derived from petroleum.
Alternatives: vegetable cetyl alcohol
A product of the oil glands of sheep, extracted from their wool. Basically a wool oil.
“Cosmetics companies use animal ingredients such as tissue and tallow (fat) because they’re cheap, not because they’re better than plant-based or synthetic ingredients.”
Several distinct chemicals with similar molecular structure. There are some health concerns as parabens are known to disrupt hormone disfunction, are connected to breast cancer and reproductive toxicity. 
However, people's opinions about this issue might vary, but I believe it doesn't harm, if we are a tiny bit more cautious when buying the products.

That being said, 85% of cosmetic in my makeup bag is more natural and excludes most of the NO, NOs, but sometimes I step to the dark side and welcome the NO, NO products as well. WHY? Because I am a girl, that's why! No further questions! :)
* I do not buy products with animal ingredients (my makeup bag is 100% free from any animal parts), but I am not that strict when it comes to synthetic ingredients. Naughty but nice ;)

Do you think a lipstick that costs GBP3 (4USD / 5.5CAD) was manufactured in EU/USA and has quality ingredients? My answer to this question is: probably not. The company probably went for the cheapest ingredients and for the low-paid workers in order to surprise you with the low price.
Let me hear you say QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!
Question: Aniqa has GBP20 in her hands. How many lipsticks will Aniqa buy? 
The answer: 2, maybe even only 1. Not 5!

The markets are getting full of high-quality and ethical brands. I am sure you have heard of Lush before (they do use parabens in some of their products, however, I find them very ethical and available world-wide), Pacifica, Alima Pure, 100% Pure, Hurraw! (they actually make lip balms, but WOW, they are lovely!), and many others.

However, if you just want to avoid the animal ingredients and you are not so fussy about the NO,NO synthetic ingredients, you can find the list of some other lipstick brands HERE. Superdrug also offers its own brand of cruelty-free lipsticks and other cosmetics.

There is plenty out there for all of us. We just need to get through the one and only; the NO, NOs.

What do you look for when buying new lipstick?



  1. Great post! I definitely do look for most of these things when it comes to my lipstick purchases. Not many people realize how harmful some ingredients are.

  2. Loved this, very informative! Those ingredients ...yuck! I will definitely be more careful or thoughtful when I buy lipstick. (Not that I really ever need to buy more lipstick). :P

  3. This is a very informative post and thank you for this. I am a lipstick junkie amongst many other thing so I'll be keeping these few points in mind the next time I go makeup shopping. I almost never read the ingredient list as I don't have sensitive skin but it's time to educate myself.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  4. This was so informative.. I also read that statistic about consuming lots of lipsticks in our lifetime so it makes sense to be more weary on what we put on ourselves or in this this case our consumption! Great post!

  5. Very good tips!



  6. Very informative. Great post!


  7. I agree, the numbers are pretty crazy! Thanks for the comment Georgia, love your blog as well ;)

  8. You are welcome! I am happy to hear you found it informative! You can still be a lipstick junkie, just slightly more cautious ;)

  9. Thank you Camila! :) Yes, the ingredients can be pretty bad, but it is a good thing that we can still get a lot of good quality lipsticks and spoil ourselves ;)

  10. I agree! Harmful and sometimes quite disgusting as well. Thanks for your comment Alexa! x

  11. Gosh, thanks for posting this. It has opened up my eyes! Will check out some of the brands you have mentioned.


  12. You are welcome! I am glad you find the tips helpful x

  13. I love this post, I often just pick up a shade of something I like the look of completely oblivious to all the background bits, this really opened my eyes xx

  14. I was quite oblivious in the past as well, but now I am having a lot of fun looking for the “good” brands. Hope you will enjoy it too :)


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