Monday, 12 January 2015

Vegan & Organic Eyeliner? Yes, please!

A few months ago I attended VegfestUK London, which took place in London Olympia. I was happily surprised by the number of people, who attended the 2 days long event. Thanks to the big crowd, it was quite hard to move around and I had to wait quite a long time to try food and other vegan products offered on different stalls. This didn't bother me at all, however, as I was incredibly happy to see that there are so many people interested in the cruelty-free and vegan lifestyle. I am sure animals were happy as well :)  

One of the things, that I got at the event was this Natural & Organic Eyeliner in black by PHB Ethical Beauty; a brand that I haven't heard of before. I came across this eyeliner, because I won it in a lottery. A girl is always excited to receive a new eyeliner and I was no exception. I tried it as soon as I got home and I was very satisfied with the quality. 

The photo below shows the line made with:
1. PHB Ethical Beauty eyeliner
2. Alverde eyeliner (I was a bit clumsy when applying it, oops)
*this photo “shooting” got quite dirty; just look at my fingers :)

Personally, I like them both, but I currently prefer PHB's eyeliner, as I find it incredibly smooth to apply and it doesn't smudge like many other eyeliners do. Besides these facts, it is very important that the products I use are cruelty-free and vegan, which is exactly what this eyeliner is.

If you are like me, you might find these key benefits, mentioned on the official website, interesting:
*Natural & Organic formula
* Free from nano particles, parabens, bismuth oxychloride, talc, formaldehyde, mineral oils, fillers, gluten, fragrance, preservatives & GM ingredients 
*Long lasting, gentle formula 
*Richly pigmented and water resistant 
*Smooth, gentle and easy to apply 
*Great for sensitive skin and contact lense wearers 
*Vegan, Cruelty Free and Halal

This photo does not have much to do with the post, but I like it and wanted to share it with you :)

Which cruelty-free/vegan eyeliner would you recommend? 


  1. Amazing liner, great swatch!



  2. It looks like a lovely product ! I haven't come across any good ones yet but I've heard the Lush Independent liquid liner is quite good :)


  3. It looks amazing . :) xox

  4. Olivia Welch12 January, 2015

    I have always loved the idea of cruelty free makeup, more brands need to take a stand on this issue! I love vegan fairs (the few that I've been to), they are always busy- people are definitely starting to become more aware of what they are buying :)

  5. Thank you for the advice! I will definitely try them out! :)

  6. Yes, I love vegan fairs as well and it is amazing to see that more and more people are adopting a cruelty-free lifestyle. It makes me so happy! :)

  7. I haven't tried Lush's liner either, but I might as I really like their lipsticks! Thank you for reading the post and for mentioning Lush :)


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