Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Staying Healthy on a Busy Schedule

Every once in a while I get caught in a busy schedule that barely lets me breathe and I am well aware that I am not the only one. You know that feeling, when the clock seems to have 5 minutes in an hour? Suddenly it is 11PM and you are wondering where the hell did the day go and why on earth half of the things on your daily TO DO list aren't ticked off? Yes? No?

Don't get me wrong; I don't want to complain. I actually like being busy, as it truly makes me happy. However, being a self proclaimed foodie, who constantly craves healthy food (yes, I am that lucky bastard that actually enjoys eating salads, cauliflower and raw cakes) I can get incredibly grumpy, if I don't consume my daily dose of good stuff. 


1. Quick & healthy lunches and snacks
One of the things that has been saving me these days, when I am constantly running out of time, is Hodmedod's Big Vegan Box, which I was sent and you can get it *HERE*. It includes some healthy snacks such as roasted beans and peas, a pack of quinoa, a range of canned beans and some dried beans and peas as well. My boyfriend loved the canned products by Hodmedod's and they were gone in a day, I, on the other hand, can't get over how good the slightly sea salted roasted peas are - they are AMAZING! Truly one of my favourite snacks at the moment, as they are light and crispy. They remind me of roasted peanuts, but I can quickly over eat the latter, which is not the case with these roasted peas, as I could munch on them forever (not sure, if that is a good or a bad thing...). I really like how they fill me up and give me extra energy during the work.

As I said, I was sent these products for free, but was by no means paid to write about them. I truly like how simple it is to make quick but healthy lunches with their quinoa and roasted & dried beans as well. Simply wanted to share this with you in case you often run out of time for a healthy meal like myself.

2. Water
Water, water and more water. Helps me stay concentrated on my work and pumped up at the same time. I stopped two times while writing this paragraph in order to shove it down my throat. I have noticed that as soon as I get dehydrated, I feel a big drop of my energy level, hence productivity flies out of the roof soon after. I like to drink some tea in the evening as well, but I am a 100% water fan throughout the day.

3. Hyde Park
Taking a few minutes every morning to go for a walk around the Hyde Park. This is when I enjoy the much needed fresh air and my brain embrace the oxygen. It is also a great entertainment seeing all the doggies excitedly running up and down. That's also when I get to miss my doggy, who lives in another country with my family, the most, but it makes it easier knowing that she is happy as well. 
Also, if I am by any chance still sleepy, the fresh London breeze definitely knows how to wake me up and by the time I get back home I am all ready to seize the day (at least until my first daily accidental dehydration. That's when the party starts all over again).

What helps you get through busy days? 


  1. Mary Lyndall27 January, 2015

    Right now I am swamped with schoolwork and I find it so hard to eat healthy. This are great little things I can buy and do to stay healthy, so thank you! Have a lovely day!

  2. Tailored and true27 January, 2015

    I love this post its such a great reminder that we don't need to sacrifice health as we pursue other endeavors! Love it!


  3. Agreed, planning ahead makes all the difference! Great post!


  4. I know between work, my social life, being a college senior, and my family life, I can sometimes forget to treat myself well. Luckily, I enjoy veggies and healthy food so it's easy to jump back into a healthy diet. Water is so important too. I drink alcohol on a regular basis so I try to drink water in between to flush out my system and stay hydrated. Water helps me stay more clearheaded and focused at work and school too.

    Kiersten | KiwiCat

  5. I find that on busy days I like to take 5 minute breaks, and during these I might have some strawberries, or just go and talk to my housemates to give myself a break. Another thing i'll do is watch a quick youtube video! I am also a lover of water! (Which I think is very lucky!).


  6. I don't even try anymore lol no time to be healthy

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  7. Great post I alos think it helps to stay organised as it's very easy to just pick up something unhealthy as it can sometimes take less time etc. Great post. xox


  8. Good luck with your school work! Have a great day as well :)

  9. Yes, it is way too easy to forget about our health sometimes. And thank you! ;)

  10. I really like this! However, Youtube in my case can be a bit tricky; I can easily go from watching one video to suddenly be in front of the screen for an hour xD

  11. Yes, whenever I drink alcohol I need a lot of water as well! Also, I am just like you - as soon as I don't drink enough water, my focus gets lost. Thank you for the comment xx

  12. Agreed! Junk food is no good. Unless it is only every now and then ;)


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