Friday, 5 December 2014

Vegan Life Magazine

Reading the Vegan Life magazine is like a little and a very pleasant chore for me; I google almost every single product that is being introduced in the magazine and I write a long, long shopping list. Also, I check out every single competition (please don't sign up for the Demuths Cookery class - I really want to win this one!).
Obviously, this issue is written in the festive, Christmas spirit, which I love. There are many ideas for an amazing holiday feast and I cannot wait to impress some of my non-vegan family and friends with the recipes from the magazine. I have already baked the Brownie Nut Butter Cups and due to the lack of peanut butter in our household, the recipe had to be slightly changed, however, it was still a success.

The fact that Vegan Life magazine won the Best Publication award is no surprise to me, as they cover many different topics, which all carry a positive message. In this issue, I fell in love with the Willby bags, who also made it on my shopping list. Hopefully, I will get my hands on one of their fashionable bags, as I love their style and the fact that they are cruelty-free.

Growing up, I truly enjoyed constantly changing my hairstyles and the colour of my hair. I went from being blond and slightly orange, to being a (accidentally) girl with the black hair. I had no clue that in order for me to play with the hair colour, there were countless animals in the laboratories that had to go through horrible experiments before the certain hair colour was put on a market. Once I did some research and came across horrible images of animals in pain, I realised I cannot support such a horrible industry. Luckily, I soon discovered cruelty-free options and I was very happy when I came across this article about one of the vegan hair salons in London called The Rabbit Hole. A big YAY for beautiful hairstyles and a big NAY for animals testing! :)

Among the articles that touched me the most was also “There is a better way”, which talks about millions of animals who are subjected to experiments every year, however, top researches say that curing cancer in mice isn't helping humans. Seeing the numbers made me shed a tear: “Last year in the UK alone 4.12 millions of procedures were conducted using 4.02 millions of animals. Majority of the experiments were on rodents, but the figures also include thousands of dogs, primates, birds and hundreds of horses and cats.” :( Do not get me wrong; I cannot wait for the cure to be found, but I honestly believe there is a different way for it to be discovered, not through these horrible experiments.

I love fur and I think it is very beautiful, if it is being worn by those who know how to style it best; the animals themselves. I completely understand why some people try to copy it and I have no problems with it as long as it is fake fur. The good news is, as seen in the title above, most Brits are faking it, when it comes to fur.

This beauty knows how to wear her fur.

Having a doggy who is all about the good food (honestly, I wouldn't be surprised, if she was a gourmand in her previous life), I was excited to see a recipe for dog cookies, and I am definitely making these for her. She loves waiting for me to hide the cookies and then she needs to find them by using her cute snout. Her excitement level while we play this game reaches 12 out of 10. I think these cookies will be perfect for her (our) smelling adventure.

I have a special place in my heart for lovely cows; they are amazing creatures full of love and playfulness and it brakes my heart when I see them being treated badly. So here is a photo of Samuel, a rescue calf that is mentioned in the magazine:) He is incredibly adorable! My dream is to have my own place one day filled with rescue animals like Samuel.

Also, let me address the elephant in the room; yes, I do have a Peppa Pig plaster on my computer ;)



  1. Sounds like such a great magazine...I've never really bothered to look for any, but as a vegan perhaps it's something I should give a second thought!! I'm especially interested in the vegan haircolor as I used to love to change mine up (until I realized how much animal testing went into those box and salon dyes...). Thanks so much for sharing!!!!
    ~ Samantha

  2. I would definitely recommend it! You can get a printed version or the app, which is available on their website Also, thank you for a lovely comment :) x

  3. I've actually had some thoughts about becoming a vegan... Anyways, it seems like a very interesting magazine. Love that minty doggy recipe xD

  4. Very cool post!food for thought!



  5. Amazing blog.

    Wanna follow, just let me know!


  6. You should try it! It is great for you, for the environment and (the most important factor for me) for the animals :) Feel free to let me know, should you need any extra info or help about going veg x

  7. Thank you! And sure ;)

  8. This is such a nice article! I should totally check out this magazine. Love the peppa pig plaster too! x

  9. Thank you Tegan! I really enjoyed writing it as well. I agree, Peppa Pig is quite nice :P


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