Monday, 15 December 2014

My Instagram Diary

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♥ Booja-Booja ice cream in Hyde Park ♥ “Go find yourself” quote ♥ Cruelty-free makeup brushes ♥ Munchies ♥ White & Simples ♥ Work time & cookies ♥ Sunset in Hyde Park ♥ A massive vegan chocolate cookie ♥ I love cows ♥ More love! ♥ Pineapple time ♥ Playing around in Hyde park ♥ Strawberries love ♥ My mom's happy cookie ♥ Shh! Fair Trade Cat dress ♥ “Start your day with positive thoughts” quote ♥ Time to eat. Again ♥ Banana muffin in my hand and in my belly a few secs later ♥ Pana chocolate photo session ♥ Brad Pitt and my avocado 


  1. Love your pictures!
    They're really stylish :)
    I can see you are a foodie ( in a good way)

    Lot of love

  2. love how you take your instagram pics

  3. I absolutely adore the "Go Find Yourself" quote! Your pictures are all so colorful and bright :) The fruit makes me so happy and I think the smiling cookie is probably my favorite part of it all...
    ~ Samantha

  4. Yes, that quote is one of my favourites as well! I am really happy to hear that you like my photos Samantha :)

  5. Yes, I am a foodie xD I cannot help myself, the food is just too good:)


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