Friday, 12 December 2014

3 Natural Things That Helped Me Stay Concentrated

There is a funny tradition going on in my family; whenever one of my siblings or cousins needs to work on a big and a time consuming school or UNI project, we all end up at my auntie's apartment. We lock ourselves in one of the rooms until we proudly walk out with the finished project in our hands. This time it was my turn and after spending countless hours behind the computer for several days in a row, I have noticed my concentration started dropping incredibly fast. Thankfully, I brought one magic ingredient with me and I soon discovered another magic item that belonged to my auntie. They really helped me and awoke my concentration and brought my productivity back on track. Knowing that many of us struggle with concentration, I wanted to share some tips with you.

1. Floral Water by MELVITA After starting to go slightly crazy thanks to spending too much time in front of the computer, I got up and noticed this cute bottle by Melvita. The description said the bottle contained Organic Witch Hazel Floral Water. Being a big fan of natural oils and different floral waters, I did not hesitate and tried it out immediately. As soon as I sprayed the floral water all over my face, I was hit by a strong smell, which I didn't like for the first 3 seconds. I immediately loved its affect, however, as I felt refreshed and ready to go back to work. Later on, I fell in love with the smell as well, but I soon needed some extra push to raise my energy level.

2. Guarana powder In case you haven't heard of it before guarana is a plant native to the Amazon basin and especially common in Brasil. One part of guarana is also guaranine, which is a caffeine chemical. I don't drink coffee, but whenever I need some extra energy or better concentration, I mix one guarana powder tea spoon with a glass of water and I truly like how it gives me some extra push in a natural way. But beware; not everyone gets the same affect. One of my friends, for example, fell asleep ten minutes after she tried guarana, however, she does drink a lot of coffee so it might have something to do with that. In my case guarana gives me about an hour of high productivity.

3. Water Lots and lots of water. Just another inexpensive thing that pumps you up and makes you feel better after its consumption. 

Ok, I know the title mentioned 3 things, however, I must not forget two other very important factors for me. The first one is definitely a cozy place to work in like my auntie's place in the photo below.

The second one is a lovely music set that plays in the background while I am working. I normally listen to this one - click *HERE*.

The things mentioned above truly helped me and brought some great results, hence I am planning on going back to my auntie's place the next week as well. I hope my tips will help you as well, however, I am aware that we are all different and therefore different things work for us. I am very happy I found my personal recipe for a higher concentration and productivity. Should this one not work for you, I suggest you try other things until you find what works for you best, as it is pretty awesome once you do :)

Do you have any secret tips regarding the concentration and productivity? 


  1. Amazing tips Miss! So useful!

    Thanks for sharing!



  2. Laura Jane McCarthy13 December, 2014

    This is so interesting and helpful!

  3. Thank you for these! I definitely want to try guarana powder :)

  4. theblackblush blog14 December, 2014

    Nice post! Really helpful!

    MAC giveaway on my blog!

  5. Great post :) I love your blog and I have followed you
    with Bloglovin and GFC. If you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would
    be delighted, thanks!

    Camille xo

  6. That's nice :)
    I usually go back in track picking one of my favourite teas (depends on the mood, really) and making a 5min break with my cats. And lots and lots of water, of course.
    I'm curious about the floral water, I'll try it! Usually I use Hamamelis water as a toner after cleaning my face, I'll see if it works -since I'm working on a exam, it's the perfect opportunity!

  7. You are welcome Miss ;)

  8. I find it very hopeful and hopefully you will too :)

  9. Thanks Coco:) I will check out your blog as well x

  10. Yes, I love drinking teas as well and I normally take breaks with my doggy :) Good luck with your exam! x

  11. Great post! I also have so much trouble working if my workspace is messy or cluttered. I usually have to clean up things first! And a cup of tea always helps me too.

    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  12. Workspace definitely needs to be clean and organised before I start working! Although I often like to sit on a comfy sofa with my laptop on me, which is not the best thing :)

  13. I struggle with concentration and always have so I'm constantly keeping it in check. One of the best things is a good night's sleep for me. I get mocked a bit for having an old lady's bed time but actually being asleep for at least eight hours (ideally nine) means I get more done when I am actually awake. Also, I'm introverted so making sure I get the odd weekend completely to myself helps me keep my happiness - and by association concentration levels - in check.

    Morag x

  14. That's a great tip and it is something I definitely need to work on. I go to bed way too late every single day and then regret it the next morning. Thank you for this comment Morag :) x


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