Monday, 17 November 2014

Monday Munchies

My boyfriend and I have been traveling for about a week now and we had a great time in Ljubljana, which is the capital of Slovenia - a tiny country in Europe. I was planning on sharing some photos of the capital with you, but then I realised the majority of the photos included food. I then had to admit to myself that I too became one of those people who take photos of their feast before they eat it. So here I am a bit ashamed, however, still determined to share my Monday Munchies with you. Hope you like!

Right next to the rail station there is a Loving Hut restaurant, which I highly recommend, if you like the taste of meat and cheese, but you prefer the cruelty-free versions. I am not a big fan of fast food, but every now and then I get cravings and I will have a veg burger with a lot of salad. So good!

A portion of sales at this coffee place goes to the charity called Ana's little star
Later we visited a tiny coffee place with amazing cookies. According to my best friend and my boyfriend the coffee was very good as well, but I wouldn't know as I didn't try it (I am not a big coffee fan). I am all about smoothies.

One of my favourite cookies ever. Sadly, I can't remember the ingredients; I ate everything in a second and forgot about the packaging and threw it in a bin. It was vegan though ;)

My smoothie with spirulina. 
Green potion.

Last, but not least, we visited one of the bridges in Ljubljana where we hanged our padlock a year ago. We were excited to see it is still holding strong and making friends with other love padlocks:) 


  1. These are some really lovely photos! The smoothies look delicious (and also those colors, in love). Sounds like an exciting adventure!

    1. Thank you! xx Yes, the smoothie was very good :)

  2. Salman from Pakistan nice aniqa i like your blog and blog name you should improve your English Grammar anyhow nice effort keep it up :)


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