Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Snacking in bed on Graze

Once a week the postman delivers a lovely surprise Graze; a snack box. It is always fun opening, and seeing what snacks we have got. If you haven't heard of it before, here is how it works:
 1. You go to their website Graze and choose the snacks you like 
 2. They hand pick a box for you with 4 different snacks 
 3. The box gets delivered to your home or work 
 4. Bon apetit!

Once you create an account with them, you can choose your dietary preferences i.e. vegetarian snacks, vegan snacks, snacks that don't contain gluten etc. Graze is not a meat-free brand, but you can easily make your box veggy or gluten free (I like gluten though!:) ) etc. 

Let me just say that this is not a PR placement in anyway (actually, none of my posts have been unless stated otherwise), I simply wanted to share the tiny joy we get once a week with this box. Sometimes the box has a lot of vegetarian snacks, which I avoid and I leave my boyfriend to munch on, but I do get my lovely vegan snacks as well. So it is a yumm yumm situation for the both of us.

Dried mango, pineapple and raisins. SO GOOD!
Lemon cake with tea. How cute is that?
 Cake and tea served properly. It does look pretty, doesn't it :)

Do you know Graze? What do you think about it?


  1. I've heard about these snacks but I've never actually tried it. Tea is a must. Great post.


    1. Thank you;) And definitely agree about tea x


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