Friday, 17 October 2014

Friday Favourites

Weekend is almost here and I decided to write Friday Favorites again. I had a lot of fun this week and wanted to share a few bits and bobs that brightened my week with you guys.

Favourite Thoughts by May The Thoughts Be With You
I met the lovely creator of May The Thoughts Be With You in Portobello Market the other day and I purchased her book, which is filled with cute designs and lovely quotes just like “The Bee of Tranquility”. I read a few quotes every day, mostly just before I go to bed and I love it! It makes me fall asleep with a smile on my face :)

 Favourite shoes by Katz & Birds

Katz & Birds is a very talented designer who only uses cruelty-free materials in her products. I love all the details and these foxes are one of my favourite. Pretty, pretty for autumn days.

Favourite News by Peta India: India Bans Import of Animal-Tested Cosmetics
Quote from the page: “The Indian Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has made an announcement that will save millions of animals from being blinded, poisoned and killed in cruel and useless tests for products sold to India’s billion-plus population. In a move that will bring cheers from around the world, the Ministry has now officially banned animal-tested cosmetics from being imported into India. The decision will be implemented in November.” Woop, woop! :) 

Favourite recipe by Kalel

Lovely Kalel started her new Youtube channel and I instantly fell in love with this recipe - Healthy  Artichoke Alfredo (vegan). I strongly recommend you try it. 

What are your Friday Favorites? Feel free to share them with me :) 


  1. I love the shoes and that bee picture is more than adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Those shoes are so cute! I might just have to buy a pair

    1. I know they are really pretty xx

  3. I love vegan recipes. The artichoke alfredo sounds utterly delightful. :] // ☼ ☯


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