Friday, 3 October 2014

My Trip To Brighton

Missing the smell of the ocean and sunny weather, my boyfriend and I decided to go to Brighton this week. It was great; the weather was amazing - the locals said it is not usually this nice so I guess we were really lucky (or maybe it was us who brought the sun ;) ). Being a vegan, I was a bit worried about eating out, because I wasn't sure what Brighton had to offer. We checked the Happy Cow website and I was happy to see that there are quite a few restaurants that offer cruelty free menus. But once we arrived, I was even more surprised, because the options were countless - veg options were available pretty much on every single corner. When I came back home my scale confirmed that I ate a bit too much, but oh well. It happens :) 

Our beautiful and comfy bed

Enjoying the sun and listening to seagulls

Posing with my smoothie from hiSbe

Lovely local shop with fair trade clothes The Fair Shop

Me goofing around the hotel room after purchasing beautiful red dress from The Fair Shop

Meal nr. 1
Meal nr. 2

After eating my first meal at a vegan restaurant Loving Hut, I was still hungry so we ordered another meal. Hello calories! I am normally not so much into vegan junk food, but wow, this was good! My boyfriend even thought for a second that we were eating a real meat (I had no idea; I forgot the taste of it since it has been over ten years when I last ate it).

Pretty words at Loving Hut restaurant
More pretty words on the bench

                                 “Turn to the sun and let shadows fall behind you.”   

More good food at VBites - although we both agreed Loving Hut was our favorite

See you soon Brighton! I am definitely coming back again x


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  2. Looks like a great trip! I haven't been to Brighton since being vegan so I'm excited to check out the vegan restaurants next time I'm there - thanks for sharing! xx

  3. I must try loving hut next time I'm in Brighton, I really liked VBites.

    1. Hope you will like it, too. The staff is very friendly.


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