Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Traveling with Alverde

When on the go, I try to avoid carrying around beauty products that take too much space. I normally visit shops that sell samples: this time I had some luck in one of the DM shops in central Europe. I saw three cool cruelty-free products by a brand Alverde, which are always useful when I am exploring the world.

Although I wanted to find more products, I was still very pleased with my purchase. I got shampoo with almond and argan oil for dry hair, mouthwash with mint and shower gel (all 50ml, which is perfect for traveling by plane as well). All these products have Natrue certificate.

These are my current best friends on the go. They were super cheap (I spent less than 3 euros on them combined - I forgot the exact price; I am good with loosing receipts). Although I am not the biggest fan of some of the ingredients (such as alcohol, perfume and some other ingredients that I don't really know how to pronounce. I live by a simple rule - most of the things I can't read probably don't belong in or on my body) I think these products offer an amazing quality for the asking price. Also, the majority of the ingredients that I don't like are written at the bottom of the ingredient list, which means only a small percentage of it is made up by these strange substances. Not bad :) I also like that this brand offers a lot of cruelty free options and they are made in Germany. Guten Tag!

You can see how tiny the products are. Aren't they cute?! Also, you can see my nails are quite short at the moment. This is because I am occasionally helping in the orchard picking the apples, (yes, it is that time of the year already!) and I have to be careful not to damage them with my sharp nails. 

I have been using Alverde products every now and then (one of the main reasons is the super affordable price), but I haven't use these 3 products yet. I am sure they won't let me down during my traveling. Here they are again:

1. Alverde Shampoo

2. Alverde Mouthwash

3. Alverde Shower Gel

What are your favorite products when you are on the go? 

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