Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Staying Hydrated with Brita

During hot summer days it is important we stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. I don’t know about you, but I become a zombie when I am thirsty.  This is why I always need to carry around my bottle of water. I tried different ones (and most of them leaked and left a lake in my bag. Imagine a girl in the middle of London pouring the water out of her bag. Yep, that was me several times), but Brita has been my favorite water bottle so far.

It comes with a filter, which you change every week (you get four filters when buying the bottle, afterwards you just purchase filters on their own), however I am not very consistent with this part. It is very easy to wash (it is dishwasher safe) and it also comes with a drinking straw. 

I always carry it with me when I am out and about, because I know I will soon get thirsty and I don’t want to spend money on water in normal plastic bottles, but mostly, I don't like seeing all that plastic destroying our planet. I find my water bottle more economical and nature friendly. It is also prettier than other bottlesJ

The down side: I forget to change the filter a bit too often. I can’t be the only one… Am I?

What helps you stay hydrated during summer (or winter – hi to my Australian and New Zealand readers;))?

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