Monday, 7 July 2014

(Not so) Simple Summer Look with Natural Make Up

I met up with a good friend of mine today and due to super high temperature I decided to go for a simple summer look (I don’t like the feeling of wearing tons of make up in the sun, because it makes me feel my face is about to melt).

I had some extra time left and I just did my eye make up when I noticed my red Lush lipstick (I wrote a post about it a few days ago) lying on the desk. I took that as a sign and applied it on my lips. Suddenly my “Simple summer look” turned into “I’m ready to party look”. Oh well.

For my eyes, I used Eye Palette by Dr. Hauschka, which is one of my favorite brands. They do not test on animals and the Palette I used is suitable for vegetarians. However, it does contain silk powder. I am very satisfied with the quality of the product; it is smooth and silky, but it did turned me off a bit when (after the purchase) I realized it contains silk powder, which is derived from serica. The palette consists of four rich shades of brown and dark gray (almost black), which enhance the natural beauty of the eyes. It is made of natural mineral ingredients and is certified natural by NATRUE, a non-profit, international association founded by the pioneers of natural and organic cosmetics.

I will definitely continue using this palette as I really like the quality (I even use the middle shades for my eyebrows), but I will try to purchase a completely cruelty free eye palette in the future. I need to do more research about suitable brands. If you don’t really mind about the silk powder and you are only looking for a natural make up, which doesn’t test on animals, then I would definitely recommend Dr. Hauschka Eye Palette to you.

Yay: Quality, Packaging, 98 % of ingredients

Nay: Price (however, I would say it is worth it and it lasts a long time), Silk Powder (again, some of you might find this as good, because silk has pH-balancing and protective qualities. I just don’t like it that much for ethical reasons).


Hope this helped. I also took a photo of my make up and realized I look super serious. That doesn’t happen often, but as soon as a camera is on I get a bit lost.

Hope you are having a lovely day and speak soon,

Aniqa x

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