Friday, 4 July 2014

Make it happen with red vegan lipstick

You are probably already familiar with Lush and their amazing bath products. If not, you should definitely pay a visit to one of their shops. The place smells AMAZING! You might want to eat the products, because even though they are body products they look super tasty. But beware; they are not for consumption :)

Besides looking pretty one of the main reasons why I really like Lush is that they are strictly against animal testing (bonus point), 100% vegetarian (with A LOT of vegan products), handmade and ethical (more bonus points).

My heart jumped when I found out that they now sell vegan lipstick as well. At first I wasn’t very sure about it, because I tried a few other cruelty free brands and wasn’t very satisfied with the results. Most of them got smudged; they faded or the lipstick would stay on every glass or a fork, even if I just looked at it. 

You can imagine I was pleasantly surprised when I tried Lush lipstick and it stayed on my lips for more than half a day. During that time I forgot I had it on (as you do) and I grabbed a lunch, went for a drink and later realized that the tiny miracle was still there! I purchased the bright red lipstick Ambition and I am planning on purchasing some of the other colors as well. 

Price: It is quite tiny and a bit expensive, but once I used it I realized I need to apply extra small amount of it AND need to kiss a towel once or twice afterwards to get rid of any extra lipstick.

Packaging: everything is recyclable except the wand :)

NAY: The only thing I wasn’t very happy about is that the lipstick sometimes smudges a tiny bit (super tiny bit!), however, a lot of my friends didn’t notice it when I mentioned it.

I am always interested in ingredients and I put them down here for you in case you like reading more about the quality of a product.

  • Organic Jojoba Oil*
  • Candelilla Wax*
  • Rose Wax*, 
  • Titanium Dioxide*
  • CI45410 
  • CI45380 
  • CI12085 
  • CI19140 
  • CI177019
    *Natural Ingredients

I would love to hear about your favorite cruelty free lipstick and recommendations. Let’s help spread the message that we can all rock this world the cruelty free way :) 

Have a lovely day and don't forget to smile,

Aniqa x

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