Sunday, 6 July 2014

It's White Shoes Time

I would like to share one of my recent obsessions with you; pretty (also a bit sporty) white shoes. The color is sadly not super convenient for people like me who think they are being very careful when walking. However, when looking down you realize your shoes are covered in stains and you have no idea how that happened. This inconvenience did not stop me from liking my oldies goldies Converse sneakers.

Before you continue reading, I would like to stress that the shoes mentioned below are just one of many high street options available out there that are made of non-leather materials. The brands themselves however, are not completely cruelty free as they do offer other products made of animals. I decided to talk about them anyway, because I receive a lot of questions about known brands and their cruelty free offers. I will talk about completely cruelty free brands in my other posts as well, but I decided to start with these options first. Hope you like! 

Converse sneakers are great for lovely summer days and they look very fashionable as well. They are quite comfortable (I’d say 4 out of 5 stars for comfort) if you wear them for a few hours. I would suggest to wear something else if you are planning to go out for a long long walk or maybe even a trip. I did that once and my feet did not appreciate it. Besides looking super stylish they are also made of non-leather fabrics! Win-win.

Some other animal friendly shoes that can easily be bought in high street shops:

  •  Fred Perry Clarence Canvas Shoes

  •  Lacoste White Canvas Trainers 

  • Any (white) canvas shoes that are made of non-leather materials. Their quality may differ.

Which shoes would you put on this list? Let me know in the comments.

Speak soon lovelies,

Aniqa x 

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