Wednesday, 30 July 2014

My Top 5 Summer High Heels

They are super high and super sexy. As you can see I am loving bright colors this summer, but of course I couldn’t avoid liking some black heels either. I am one of those people who normally walks in to the store thinking: today is a good day to get some bright, colorful clothes or shoes, but when I look in my shopping basket after about an hour the majority of items are dark and black. Don’t know why I do this, but I am quite proud that I finally managed to present some brighter colors on this list. So, lets begin. 

*Please note I was converting prices to different currencies myself, so there might be tiny differences in the actual price. 

Cri De Coeur  
These shoes are definitely one of my favorite, because they are a bit different; they are colorful with a very interesting design. They are made of recycled Eco ultrasuede/textile, imported from China, but don’t worry; they were made in an ethical, sweatshop-free facility.

I find them a bit pricey (currently on sale for 245USD/182EUR/145GBP), but this is probably due to them being fair trade and the materials used, so I guess it makes it all worth the money.
If you are looking for more affordable cruelty-free heels, I suggest you take a look at They have a special vegan shoes section in their online shop, which pretty much means the shoes are made of animal-friendly/manmade materials. I really like these pink Anne Michelle shoes, which only cost 26USD/19EUR/15GBP. They are made of vegan suede and are great for a fun night out.

Mink Shoes
The pastel colors remind me of the seaside, which is never a bad thing. I really like high heels although to be honest I am not sure a clumsy person like myself could pull them off:D These shoes are custom designed, hand crafted and made of non-animal materials. Each Mink shoe is unique and they are offered in limited production. I just can’t take my eyes off them.


Another pair of affordable shoes is available in Topshop. These shoes cost 76USD/57EUR/45GBP. I like their exotic look and also the material; they are made of 100% rubber so you don’t have to worry about wearing a snake on your feet;)

Stella McCartney

Last but not least, I couldn’t write this post without mentioning Stella McCartney; my mini fashion obsession. If you have a few extra hundred pounds, then these black beauties could be yours to enjoy. The price on Net A Porter is 490GBP/618EUR/830USD. They are made of black faux suede and sheer mesh. Yum!

Hope you enjoyed this list. Feel free to share some of your favorite shoes for this summer.