Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Facing your fears

After receiving some emails from you guys saying that I should start making youtube videos, I hid myself under the bed. This is because putting myself out there seems quite scary to me, but after talking to some of you, I decided to face my fears (and come out from under the bed). This is also what I decided to talk about in my first video. 

I really hope you enjoy it! Feel free to tell me what you think and maybe even like and subscribe ;) Also, you can share the video with your friends and other lovely people x

***Click on the photo to see the video***

Thank you for your support 

Monday, 27 October 2014

Monday Munchies: Raw cakes by Inspiral

Being a vegan, I sometimes receive questions similar to “What do you eat then?” Let me tell you, I eat A LOT. My never ending love for food is one of the main reasons why I also love food shopping, however, I am not very patient when it comes to clothes shopping (buying clothes online is how I normally roll). I am quite lucky, because I don't crave sweet things too often, but when I do, I often go for raw desserts. The Raw Vanilla Berry Tart by Inspiral is one of my favourites. It is so fresh yet sweet with an amazing gooey bottom layer. Ah, heaven! My boyfriend went for the Raw Tiramisu Cake the other day, which is also very good, but it can't beat my love for the Vanilla Berry Tart. 

The ingredients are very simple, so you can enjoy the desserts without feeling (too) guilty. These cute pots carry cashews, dates, walnuts, pecans and other deliciousness. My favourite one also has blueberries, cacao butter, coconut oil, vanilla powder, agave syrup, Himalayan salt, lemon juice, guar gum and filtered water. I know there are quite a lot of people who are allergic to nuts and I am really sorry if you are one of them. If it makes you feel better, I can write: they are not that good (I would be lying though).

The only down side is the price though. I paid GBP 3 for one dessert in Whole Foods Market, which is the only thing that is keeping me from eating it every day, maybe that's not too bad, actually. 

How yummy does this look?
Me enjoying the raw cake in my cat dress. Hola!

What are your favourite desserts? Feel free to share them :) 

Friday, 24 October 2014

Lily Lolo Love

I found it! Everyone, I found my (so far) favourite mineral foundation! I am really excited to be able to say that, because it took me a long time to find it. There are a lot of cruelty-free foundations out there, but I wanted to get one that is not too expensive (as I am already successful at spending a bit too much money on quality products - my second name is quality over quantity) yet still a very good quality and one that obviously suits my skin. My boyfriend and I decided to walk 6 miles through Hyde Park to Belgravia where Mr. Google told me I could personally buy this product; as I do not like buying makeup over the internet (maybe eyeshadow, but definitely not foundation). Getting fit and shopping at the same time - not too bad! It was a lovely walk, however, when we finally arrived at the shop; the lady wasn't very helpful, but I still decided to go home with this Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation SPF15. My skin is quite light so I decided to go for the Barely Buff shade.
Let me first start with the packaging, which I love. It is simple, minimalistic, yet beautiful. I also like the material they use for the powders' packaging; it is so smooth and silky. Being a big fan of minimalism and black and white combinations, this has been one of my favourite packaged products so far. 5 points!
The effect the foundation leaves on my face is very gentle, yet super effective; it makes my skin look (almost) completely flawless without showing I am wearing foundation. It is a bit sparkly, but again, you can barely notice it as it looks very natural and pretty. I normally put my day cream on first, then my foundation; and then I am off talking to squirrels in Hyde Park. I'd definitely recommend this product as it is also quite affordable - it costs GBP 13.49, which I believe is a great price for the given quality.
This foundation is not oily and is suitable for all skin types. It has active antibacterial ingredients, SPF15 helps protect skin from damage, lockable sifter means no spills or mess, it is non-comedogenic, which means it does not block pores. I really do like it, I must say. In case you want a bit more info about it, here are the ingredients: 
To quickly conclude; I am very satisfied with this product and I am planning on purchasing more products from this brand to see if I will be satisfied with the rest of them as well. Fingers crossed! You know, it is always a good feeling to find a brand that doesn't disappoint. Hopefully, I have discovered a new one.

Have a great day lovelies x 

Thursday, 23 October 2014

About a cruelty-free lifestyle

*I need to get this out of me*
In the past few days I came across a news report which says that veganism and vegetarianism are not healthy for people. It was all put together as a joke; the debate was about veg peoples' sperm being not as good as meat eaters' sperm. They were also making fun of veg lifestyle as a whole, however, I loved the end of the report where they asked people on the street wether they were vegan and if they had any children. Most of them were just making fun. One man, however, admitted to have been vegan for over 20 years with 13 children. That made me smile bananas :)  P.S. - isn't India one of the most populated countries in the world with almost half of them being vegetarian?

I don't like it when some try to show veganism or vegetarianism in a negative way. I believe it is a beautiful thing; being a voice for the voiceless. It is important to speak up against the meat, fur, leather and even dairy industry, because they are cruel to animals who did no harm to anyone.

These industries break animals' bones, they let them live in the smallest cages possible for years until they are killed. Animals are denied the opportunity to raise their young, feel the sun on their faces and breathe fresh air. Imagine being forced to live crowded together by the thousands on factory farms. Many chickens have their beaks cut off with a hot blade when they are just a few weeks old; piglets have their tails chopped off and their teeth clipped with pliers, male calves are castrated with tight bands around their testicles (without the use of any painkillers - which costs money and makes less profit). I'm definitely sure you will agree that this is not kind to animals. They are such beautiful and kind creatures and I think they deserve way more love and respect from us.

More and more people are deciding to do something about these horrible industries; some of them decide to stop supporting the cruelty in the fashion industry (they do not buy fur, leather, wool and silk), the beauty industry (they use products that are not tested on animals, products that are labeled with vegetarian and vegan certificates). There is also an incredibly fast growing number of people who ditch meat and dairy products from their menus. All because they want to help animals, the environment and/or want to improve their health. This is wonderful news, but not everyone likes it. That's why there are some who are trying to spread negative thoughts about veganism. Please just listen to your heart the next time you are thinking of buying a dead animal and to try and neglect the criticism such as people quoting studies and the like... The point is to not blindly follow what people say but rather to do your own research and to follow what you believe is true and right. This is a step by step process and every decision matters. This is why it is important to not just think about it and say “Wow, you are a vegan, that's great! I could never do it myself though.” I hear that a lot. Please, just try. Be the change you want to see in the world x

We can do this together. I believe in us :) 
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