Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Staying Healthy on a Busy Schedule

Every once in a while I get caught in a busy schedule that barely lets me breathe and I am well aware that I am not the only one. You know that feeling, when the clock seems to have 5 minutes in an hour? Suddenly it is 11PM and you are wondering where the hell did the day go and why on earth half of the things on your daily TO DO list aren't ticked off? Yes? No?

Don't get me wrong; I don't want to complain. I actually like being busy, as it truly makes me happy. However, being a self proclaimed foodie, who constantly craves healthy food (yes, I am that lucky bastard that actually enjoys eating salads, cauliflower and raw cakes) I can get incredibly grumpy, if I don't consume my daily dose of good stuff. 

Sunday, 25 January 2015

VIDEO: DIY Valentine's Day

 Valentine's day is almost here, which means time for some DIY treats & gifts! Hope you enjoy the video and get some ideas as well x

***click on the photo to watch the video***

What are you favourite snacks and treats for Valentine's day? 

Monday, 19 January 2015

Why I Don't Use Natural Hair Makeup Brushes

The answer is: I am against animal cruelty. Sadly, natural hair makeup brushes support just that; a cruel and anything but beautiful fur industry.

“Makeup brushes are commonly made from squirrel, mink, horse (sometimes called “pony” or “camel”), or goat hair.”

“Every year, millions of animals are trapped, drowned, and beaten to death and strangled, electrocuted, or beaten and skinned alive on fur farms.” 

I don't want to go into too much details as it breaks my heart even writing about it and I can't imagine the pain these poor creatures have to go through in order for us to buy natural hair makeup brushes. 

The good news:
We can all as individuals do something about it:
1. Start using makeup brushes with synthetic bristles instead of the not nice ones mentioned above (Yay!).
2. Write to your favourite makeup companies that still use real animal hair in their brushes asking them to switch to cruelty-free ones.
3. Share the information about the cruel industry with your friends and other people, as many of them aren't aware of it.
4. Think twice when someone recommends to you brushes with animal fur or tries to sell them to you and ask yourself: is this something I am willing to financially support with my own money?

What do you think about this issue? Do you prefer cruelty-free brushes as well? If yes, which are your favourite brands? 

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

VIDEO: 4 Things To Appreciate More In 2015

***Click on the photo to watch the video***

Hope you guys enjoy the video! :) Please like and subscribe to my Youtube channel for more 

* don't forget to let me know your thoughts about the video. I really appreciate your comments! :)
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